Good intentions:

Those whose interest has been aroused.

Who do we mean?

Those who come to church perhaps once a year at Christmas and enjoy the atmosphere of the special occasion, but only half go along with the ritual and language of the Church. Some may be completely agnostic, others just like to come because it gives them a good feeling.

The smallest thing can arouse interest: it may be a special event or service such as a wedding. It may be a few words or a poem on the notice board outside. It could be the architecture of the Church. It could be the atmosphere of care or commitment. It could be a special need such as bereavement.

Most of us from childhood to old age feel like this at some time.

Sunday School can be an occasion for arousing interest in the children. General Sunday school matters will be recorded here.

What do we need to provide?
We need to be more pro-active in welcoming people into the Church, sensitive to their needs. We should continue to provide excellent festival services and expand the range of services provided on Sundays to suit different needs of people, perhaps for more informal types of worship.
We should continue to support and build the Sunday School.
We need to build on our links with St Alfege school.

Fowler on the stages of Faith says of this stage:

“Faith is led by imagination and feelings, mystery and curiosity. Thoughtful coherence is lacking, but there is an intuitive attraction to strong images onto which overwhelming feelings of power or powerlessness, safety or danger can be projected and 'held'. Emotion and curiosity can spill over into an unwitting fascination with darker material and images.”