Who do we mean?

When we contribute to looking after the the organisation  and keep the wheels going round; also the stage management and production of music, services and special events, we are in this group. People who make the coffee, sweep the floors, arrange the flowers.

There are probably about 70 at present.

 What do we need to provide for our workers and volunteers.
We need to continue to provide opportunities for diverse forms of participation in the Work of the Church. We need to empower those who take on responsibilities.
We need to be more prepared to take risks, and shift the boundary between risk and prudence.

Extract from Fowler on this stage of faith.

‘Faith becomes a form of loyalty.

It is influenced by self-awareness and awareness of others. There is a growing sense of meaning to be found beyond the concrete - for example, in parable, in drawing ideas together. Faith is expressed in personal relationships with the like-minded, and affirmed in feeling connected to the consensus though conventional religious commitments. God and the church are viewed in idealistic interpersonal terms, a new form of family.’

The pastoral needs are:

The coherence provided by relationships needs to keep a check on reality. Being too idealistic about the value of community and harmony can shield important questions and admissions of diversity. Relationship breakdown (e.g. feeling let down by a faith role model) can de-stabilise faith itself. There can be too much dependence on thinking like the crowd rather than for oneself - ­this may flatter leadership egos.’