Those who are actively praying, studying and meditating.

 Who do we mean?
These are people (including children) who are actively studying, praying, meditating and whose life is growing more dedicated. They need places to study, the company of others, and counselling.
 What do we need to provide?
There appear to be many members of the congregation who feel that their spiritual growth needs nourishing. Some are happy to join a group if it is available for company and discussion, others prefer to do it on a more individual basis. As many people as possible should be involved in leading worship as this is a means to growth in itself. See conference topic group 4 report.

 (At this stage) there is a need to feel released from patronizing or authoritarian styles of church. Fellowship can seem unappealing, but totally independent exploration can become overwhelmingly lonely or proud. Worship or prayer may provide important moments to let go of a self-managed objectivity. (Fowler)